Leaks in your area

Make sure we know about a leak in your area and track our progress

Water is precious and we do our best to make sure it makes it safely straight from us to you, if you’ve noticed a leak in your area we might already be on the case. The leaks we know about on our pipe work in your area are marked with an icon on the map below, just click on it to find out more information.

If there’s no icon we don’t know about it, so please let us know by filling in our online form.

We only look after clean water supplies in our region – if you've spotted a drainage issue then just give our colleagues at either Anglian Water or Thames Water a shout to get it sorted.

Leakage Team

We have a team of dedicated customer service specialists, all based locally. Their key mission is to repair leaks and keep you posted about what’s going on.

We're passionate about water, it's what we do and we want to make sure that you're well informed about the service we provide. Reporting a leak through the Community Portal is just one of the many ways we're improving our communication with our Customers. We would like to know what you think, if you'd like to tell us more please or call us on 0345 782 0999.