The construction phase of this project is now complete.

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Over the winter of 2017/18, Essex & Suffolk Water, in partnership with Essex Waterways, will be replacing the sea lock gate and central timber mitre gates at Heybridge Basin in Essex. The project will involve the closing and draining of the lock in October 2017, crane lifting operations for the gates and the assembly and testing of the new gates prior to the re-opening of the lock in March 2018. There will be disruption in the area during this work period but we will endeavour to keep this to an absolute minimum.

Update by Ryan Lloyd

Hi all

This has been a very interesting and rewarding yet challenging project to work on and we have encountered some unexpected issues along the way. As you may have seen, we have successfully completed the new timber mitre gate installation.

Stoplog temporary dam
Stoplog temporary dam and removal of old gate parts
New gate rail beams being installed


New Timber mitre gates installed in Feb 2017

We are still on programme to re-open the lock for the 31st March 17 but due to significant delays caused by the unexpected conditions, the new steel sea gate will now not be installed until the Winter of 2017, with a closure required starting from 2nd Oct 2017 and anticipated completion of mid December 2017.

The majority of works on either side of the lock are complete, and we will complete a full reinstatement of our working area. Our return visit will cause some disruption but we will of course try our very best to minimise this. To help reduce the impact of our work we plan to lift the new sea gate in by sea via a barge, rather than using a landside crane, which was required  for the timber gates.

We plan to provide further information of this construction phase of the project and the future plans in an open evening at Heybridge, date and venue to be confirmed but we are aiming for a date at the end of April 2017.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents and visitors of Heybridge for your patience and understanding of our works. We are fully committed to complete the project, improving the area and the facility of the Heybridge Lock.

Many thanks




New fabricated sea gate elements stored nearby to Heybridge






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