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Over the winter of 2017/18, Essex & Suffolk Water, in partnership with Essex Waterways, will be replacing the sea lock gate and central timber mitre gates at Heybridge Basin in Essex. The project will involve the closing and draining of the lock in October 2017, crane lifting operations for the gates and the assembly and testing of the new gates prior to the re-opening of the lock in March 2018. There will be disruption in the area during this work period but we will endeavour to keep this to an absolute minimum.

Start Date

September, 2016

Estimated End Date

March, 2018


ESW, Integrated Water Services

Update by Adrian Caswell

Good morning all,

Thank you to all that attended the open event yesterday, some excellent feedback, which we endeavor to take on board for the project this winter.

Currently we are due to arrive on site and set up as planned on the the 4th September 2017.

During the project phase I will provide weekly updates covering progress, programme status (key milestones), upcoming works and constraints.

Please do feel free to call me on the number below and I will be happy to provide clarifications as required.

Please do register if you have not done so already, as you will receive notifications when updates are available to view.

Best regards,

Adrian Caswell
Project Manager
Asset Delivery

Essex & Suffolk Water








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