River Blackwater (Langford)

The Eel Regulation Compliance project at the River Blackwater in Langford is for installation of eel friendly screening equipment at our abstraction point on the river. The work is driven by the need for Essex & Suffolk Water to comply with the Eels Regulations (2009) and will improve the biodiversity value in the River Blackwater.

Update by ESW Project Manager

Langford Mill Eel Screen Works Commencement

We have engaged Farrans Construction for the installation phase of the Langford Mill Eel Screen project and preparations are being made to enable works to start on site at the beginning of September. Initial site mobilisation activities will include setting up of welfare cabins and preparing the ground with temporary hardstanding for the working area. The grounds will be returned to grass once the site works are finished.

The screen is currently being manufactured off-site and is expected to be delivered for installation in November. Whilst the screen is being fabricated, preparatory works on site will include surveys and inspections (including a 2-3 day lowering of the river level to enable inspection of the existing concrete structure), installation of an access platform, a pathway and electrical works inside the Mill building.

The scheduled site completion for the Mill Eel Screen is February 2022. As described in the section on Planned Work, there are two further associated projects in this area so there is likely to be a continuing construction site presence beyond the February end date for the Mill. As the plans for the other works are developed more details will be shared here on the portal in future updates.

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