River Bure (Belaugh)

The Eel Regulation Compliance project at the River Bure in Belaugh is for installation of eel friendly screening equipment at our abstraction point on the river. The work is driven by the need for Essex & Suffolk Water to comply with the Eels Regulations (2009) and will improve the biodiversity value in the River Bure.

Update by Nicola Wigington

As mentioned in my previous update, our projects have been reviewed taking into account the benefits as well as our ability to deliver them safely and this project has been given approval to proceed. Although the main driver for the Eel Screens Programme is regulatory we are also replacing the existing outdated screening systems, for the Belaugh project this means that there will be a significant improvement in the resilience of the supplies to over 51,000 properties in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Our works will take place in line with the government guidance on social distancing and sanitation. Any part of the works that cannot be carried out within the guidelines will be postponed until the situation changes or will be redesigned for safe delivery. We would also appreciate it if you would remain at a safe distance from the site team while the work is underway.

The schedule of the works has already been affected which has delayed the start and it is also likely that the overall timescale will be longer than originally planned to enable us to work within these new rules. The works are still in the planning stage but we expect to start on site soon, probably in late May or early June. I’ll be posting more updates as the project progresses.

If you would like more information about Essex & Suffolk Water’s works and services in relation to Covid-19 please take a look at our main website, I’ve included some useful links below.

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