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Water Mains Renewal - Barking

Replacement of 2.1km of existing cast iron water mains with new polyethylene pipes. Also replace existing property service pipes and external control boxes from the water mains to the property boundary within the public highway. August 2017 – November 2017 We are investing £0.4 million to improve our water mains network in the Barking area. This will improve supplies to 650 properties in the area of Keir Hardy Way and surrounding streets.

Start Date

September, 2017

Estimated End Date

November, 2017



Update by Daren Still

My name is Daren Still and I am the Essex & Suffolk Water Project Manager for this scheme. I and the rest of the team will be posting updates throughout the scheme duration.

We are now are just finalising the final details of planning the scheme and getting ourselves prepared for starting at the very end of August 2017. We are planning on setting up to commence work following the bank holiday weekend on Tuesday 29th August with the first holes being excavated later during that first week. You will be receiving letters approximately 10-14 days before we intend to commence in each street and this letter will explain a little more what we are planning to do and how we are going to do it.

Our work is also supervised by a dedicated Essex & Suffolk water representative who will be on hand to answer any questions and explain in any more detail what and how we are planning to undertake the work.

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