Every Drop Counts in Barking

Over the spring and summer 2018, Essex & Suffolk Water will be offering customers the chance to have a free water saving visit from a qualified plumber to fit suitable water saving products and discuss tips and hints to help you save water, energy and money in your home at no cost to you with a value of up to £130. Barking sits in one of the driest parts of the UK yet each of us manage to get through a staggering 4,500 litres of water a month which is equivalent to 56 baths of water. This is the chance for customers to reduce their environmental impact while saving water, energy and money.

Update by Tim Wagstaff

Hi everyone.

This is the first project update for Every Drop Counts in Barking.

I'm Tim Wagstaff and I am the Essex & Suffolk Water Project Manager for Every Drop Counts in Barking. I and the rest of the team will be posting updates throughout the project to let you know how it is going. The project team is made up of many people and organisations all focused on supporting customers save water, energy and money. There is a 'Meet the Team' tab on the front page that introduces some of them. 

WHAT IS THE ISSUE? Although it always appears to be raining, Barking is in fact one of the driest regions in the UK, receiving less rainfall than places like Spain and Greece. This is why, at Essex & Suffolk Water, we are passionate about promoting the efficient use of water so helping to protect the environment and meet the needs of future generations. Every Drop Counts is one of our campaigns that demonstrates our commitment to saving water and energy, and helping our local communities.

WHY BARKING? We have chosen to deliver Every Drop Counts in Barking to support the local community. Being one of the main growth areas in London over the next 20 years we want to support the local community in making the Borough a more sustainable and resilient place. Each of us manage to get through a staggering 4,500 litres of water a month which is the equivalent to 56 baths of water. If everyone in Barking takes part we can save a swimming pool of water every day.

HOW CAN YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Did you know the water you drink is sourced from the River Lee which is then stored in King George’s Reservoir and then cleaned at the Chigwell water treatment works? Using less water helps to maintain some of the outstanding natural environment at these wildlife rich sites and provides a great place for important species to breed.

HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED? This is why we are inviting you to sign up for a FREE home water and energy saving visit worth over £130. Join your community today by signing up for a free water saving visit to reduce your impact on the environment and save money. Call us now on 0800 369 9933 to sign up. Alternatively email us with your telephone number and address at demand.planning@eswater.co.uk

You may see the plumbers driving around Barking or parked outside customers homes so you will know others are taking part.

As I said, we will be providing updates on this Portal so please do keep checking to keep up to date. Also, please feel free to post a comment if you like and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Groundworks and Essex & Suffolk Water employees will be out and about in the community with events stands and engaging with community groups so if you see us come and say hello.  If you would like to talk to us about how you can get involved either phone 0800 369 9933, visit www.eswater.co.uk/everydropcounts or email us at demand.planning@eswater.co.uk

Kind regards


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