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Latest Updates

By Nicola Wigington

The project is really starting to develop now.  Deliveries for some of the larger items have been happening over the last couple of weeks and the main kiosk and framework are now in place.

By Nicola Wigington

Work is now well underway at the river, installing the concrete bases for the new kiosks and divers have been in the water preparing the base for the new eel screens to be laid onto. Beautiful weather today as well!

By Kevin Packard

It's been a little while since I last updated you on this project but I'm pleased to report that a good deal of progress has been made! Much of the redundant equipment has now been removed, new high-voltage (HV) cabling has been installed and the new HV switchgear is now in place within the station. As reported last time, removal of the old pump plinths proved to be quite a difficult task due to the amount of concrete used in the original construction but finally the first two of the old 1930's pumps have been removed! After preparing the new mounting bases, the first two new raw water pumps have now been lowered into position. In the coming weeks, the new system will be gradually energised and the pumps commissioned to give their required output volume. Throughout the work, the station has been kept operational with the remaining old pumps pumping raw water from the river up to Abberton Reservoir. Following a period of trial, the new pumps will take over duty to provide the water and the "other half" of the pumping station will be turned off. At this stage, work will commence to remove the remaining old units and preparations will start to install the final two new pumps. There are several other associated enhancements to be done within the pumping station and I will add further updates as the work progresses. As always, should you require any further information, please feel free to contact the team via this portal. Regards, Kevin

By Nicola Wigington

We're starting to set up the working part of the site near to the river now so you'll soon start to see some new fences being put up and the footpath diversion will shortly be in place. Because we'll be using a crane to lift the screens and associated framework over the current footpath and into the river we need to close the existing footpath to keep everyone safe. Look out for the footpath closure signs and follow the diversion route. When we have large vehicles moving to and from the site you may be asked to wait a few moments for the vehicles to manouevre safely. Please respect the site fencing, signage and instructions of our team for your own safety. There is a simple diagram attached to this update indicating the approximate locations of the footpath closure and of the diversion route.  Please click on the picture to see a larger version.

By Daren Still

Just a quick update on our progress so far. The first two streets, Cumberland Avenue and Rylands Road are now fully complete and we are currently working along Westbury Road. We are currently forecasting that Westbury Road should take us until mid / late June to complete, at which time we shall then be moving to Seaforth Avenue. Here are a couple of recent photographs showing our work taking place. The  first photo shows some street work in action and the second shows some lead pipe replacement taking place where it enters the property inside a customer's kitchen cupboard . The photo shows the old existing lead pipe and the new copper pipe that is being installed to replace it.  

By Nicola Wigington

Hi everyone, Site establishment is now well underway and the temporary works to provide access between the river and the treatment works will be starting soon.  We'll be carrying out some ground surveys in the next couple of weeks so you may notice a little activity near the river.  We did have some delays to the start of the project but we're still very much on track to deliver it before the end of the year. We haven't needed to divert the footpath yet but when we do, I'll be sharing the route of the diversion on this site so if you think that might impact you please remember to check back for updates, or follow the project to receive notifications.

By Kevin Packard

I'm pleased to say that we have now commenced work on site and the project has properly started after several year of planning! Our trusted colleagues Integrated Water Services have established their site compound and site cabins and have also erected some Heras fencing around the site which will remain locked closed when they are not on site in order to provide a safe environment for passers-by whether on foot or indeed on the river. The first phase of the work is the removal of redundant equipment and electrical panels which will be replaced in due course with their modern equivalents. This includes removal of some very tough high quality concrete equipment plinths. They certainly knew how to build things well back in the 1930's but their removal is now complete! The next stage of the work after the Easter break is to prepare internal access arrangements to allow phased removal of electrical transformers, motors and the first two of the old pumps. The station will remain operational throughout the work pumping river water to our storage facility at Abberton reservoir hence it is vital to enable our contractors and staff to have safe access within our high voltage areas to carry out the work. I will add further updates as the work progresses but should you require any further information, please feel free to contact the team via this portal. Regards, Kevin

By Kevin Packard

Hi and thanks for visiting our community portal for the Stratford St Mary Pumping Station refurbishment project. My name is Kevin Packard and I’m the Essex & Suffolk Water Project Manager . I’ll be providing updates on behalf of our project team throughout the life of the scheme so please remember to check back regularly to follow our progress. We’re planning to start works in early April, commencing with our contractor Integrated Water Services (IWS) establishing their site office, stores and compound layout. This will enable us to create a safe working site and to provide access to site safely for vehicles and pedestrians.The following 6 weeks or so will involve the removal of some redundant equipment before moving on to re-siting the high voltage electrical substation from basement to an upper level. We will then be sequentially replacing the main raw water pumps and associated equipment.  There will be delivery and collection visits by lorries as needed throughout the project as equipment is removed or delivered and should any larger vehicles be required at times (eg. a crane), information will be posted on the ‘Traffic Information’ tab. Please visit again later for more details. To find out more please check out the various pages on this project site. If you have any queries, have a look at our FAQs or contact us via the comments. I will be updating this site regularly as the project progresses. Best Wishes, Kevin

By Stacy Lambourne

Customer Engagement session We would like to invite you to meet our project team on Monday 18th February 2019 between 4pm and 8pm at:   Hamstel Infant & Nursery School (front entrance) on Hamstel Road, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS2 4PQ.   Please come along to our session at a time that suits you to meet us and join us for a cuppa and cake. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the lead pipe replacement scheme including our free offer to replace your lead supply pipe.

By Jayne Hull

Hello and welcome to our first project update on the Southend lead replacement scheme! I’m Jayne Hull and I’m the lead pipe replacement coordinator for Essex and Suffolk Water. I and the rest of the team will be keeping you posted with project updates. We’d also love to hear back from you. Please use the comments below or the ‘contact’ page. This is a new scheme so any feedback you have is really important to us! Tomorrow, Wednesday 16th January and Thursday 17th January our samplers would like to take a water sample from some customer taps so you may spot us on the street or we may call at your door to request a water sample from your tap. Your patience during this time is very much appreciated. We’ll always present our identification to you if we knock at your door. Also, anyone that has been in touch with us to request an appointment to discuss their free lead pipe replacement will be contacted this week. Our contractor, Lowman, will be phoning everyone back to arrange an appointment date. If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to contact us to register your interest for your free lead replacement. Remember this offer is free for a limited time only! Please contact us on 01268 664118. Thank you for visiting our community portal Jayne

By Tim Wagstaff

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who signed up and had a water saving visit this year. Your enthusiasm and positivity towards the project have meant it has been a real success! Water is a precious resource, and it is important that we reduce the amount of water we are wasting wherever possible. Your commitment to saving water and participating in this project has helped us do just that. You are now saving water, saving energy and helping us to reduce our impact on our outstanding natural environment. Together 2,779 of you took part saving over 1,380 bathtubs full of water a day. In total 20,249 water and energy saving products are now in homes across Barking including: 1,957 water saving shower heads, 970 water butts for the garden, and 1,376 tap aerators for kitchen and bathroom taps We also managed to repair 92 leaking toilets and 71 leaking taps for free saving customers the worry of getting it repaired themselves. I hope you all continue to think about the tips and hints provided at the visits to help you save water, energy and money. If you have friends and family who are interested in saving water please visit https://esw.watersavingkit.com/ where they will be able to order similar products for free to fit themselves. Thank you Tim

By Nicola Wigington

Hi and thanks for visiting our community portal for the River Chelmer Eel Regulations scheme.  My name is Nicola and I’m the Project Manager.  I’ll be providing updates on behalf of our project team throughout the life of the scheme so please remember to check back regularly to follow our progress. We’re planning to start works in January, commencing with the temporary bridge and access track between the River Chelmer and the Langford Treatment Works (to the north of the river).  This will enable us to access the site safely with large vehicles like the crane which will be used in the main installation later in the year. We’ll be putting in a temporary footpath diversion for the riverside path and this should be in place from late January/February.  This will separate our works from the public and will help to keep everyone safe.  When the details of the footpath diversion are finalised they’ll be made available on the ‘Traffic Information’ tab.  Please visit again later for more details. To find out more check out the various pages on this project site.  If you have any queries, have a look at our FAQs or contact us via the comments.  Merry Christmas to you all and look out for updates in the New Year!