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Latest Updates

By Tim Wagstaff

Hi everyone. This is the first project update for Every Drop Counts in Barking. I'm Tim Wagstaff and I am the Essex & Suffolk Water Project Manager for Every Drop Counts in Barking. I and the rest of the team will be posting updates throughout the project to let you know how it is going. The project team is made up of many people and organisations all focused on supporting customers save water, energy and money. There is a 'Meet the Team' tab on the front page that introduces some of them.  WHAT IS THE ISSUE? Although it always appears to be raining, Barking is in fact one of the driest regions in the UK, receiving less rainfall than places like Spain and Greece. This is why, at Essex & Suffolk Water, we are passionate about promoting the efficient use of water so helping to protect the environment and meet the needs of future generations. Every Drop Counts is one of our campaigns that demonstrates our commitment to saving water and energy, and helping our local communities. WHY BARKING? We have chosen to deliver Every Drop Counts in Barking to support the local community. Being one of the main growth areas in London over the next 20 years we want to support the local community in making the Borough a more sustainable and resilient place. Each of us manage to get through a staggering 4,500 litres of water a month which is the equivalent to 56 baths of water. If everyone in Barking takes part we can save a swimming pool of water every day. HOW CAN YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Did you know the water you drink is sourced from the River Lee which is then stored in King George’s Reservoir and then cleaned at the Chigwell water treatment works? Using less water helps to maintain some of the outstanding natural environment at these wildlife rich sites and provides a great place for important species to breed. HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED? This is why we are inviting you to sign up for a FREE home water and energy saving visit worth over £130. Join your community today by signing up for a free water saving visit to reduce your impact on the environment and save money. Call us now on 0800 369 9933 to sign up. Alternatively email us with your telephone number and address at demand.planning@eswater.co.uk You may see the plumbers driving around Barking or parked outside customers homes so you will know others are taking part. As I said, we will be providing updates on this Portal so please do keep checking to keep up to date. Also, please feel free to post a comment if you like and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Groundworks and Essex & Suffolk Water employees will be out and about in the community with events stands and engaging with community groups so if you see us come and say hello.  If you would like to talk to us about how you can get involved either phone 0800 369 9933, visit www.eswater.co.uk/everydropcounts or email us at demand.planning@eswater.co.uk Kind regards Tim

By Adrian Caswell

Hi All, The lock was reopened to Essex Waterways as planned over the Easter Weekend. We have decommissioned majority of the large plant and equipment, however we will still have a presence on site in April/May 2018 while we finalise testing and commissioning of the sea lock gate and carry out reinstatement of the footpath local to the gate. As always we Endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum. Please feel free to contact myself if required. Adrian Caswell 07484547115

By Adrian Caswell

Hi All, The Sea Lock Gate project is progressing well, with a planned reopening of the lock at the end of March 18, as originally planned. Thank you to everyone for your patience and consideration. I attach a few key photos of the sea gate and portal dam structure. As always, if you have any questions please contact myself directly, Adrian Caswell 07484547115 Project Manager ESW    

By Adrian Caswell

Hi All, As an update to the ongoing work at Heybridge, the cofferdam installation encountered unforeseen conditions and as a result the required depth to embed sheet piles was not achieved. We are currently exploring alternative solutions to achieve a dry lock scenario as soon as possible. We are not anticipating any delays to the project at this time .I attach an image of the cofferdam for information. I will provide an update as soon as the solution has been agreed. Please feel free to contact myself or a member of the team for further information.   Best regards, Adrian Caswell Project Manager 07484547115

By Dan Wilson

Hi Everyone, Progress on site has been slower than planned due to some procurement activities. We have however made some good progress installing pipework, electrical equipment, walkways and handrails on site. The site will be a little quiet between now and mid January when we expect the new intake screen to arrive on site. We will leave the site secure and make sure access around the site entrance is free and clear for road users.    

By Adrian Caswell

Just one of the photos from our open event for heybridge. Thanks again to all that attended, including the ESW team

By amanda hunt

Afternoon Heybridge, Just a quick note from me, Amanda Hunt (Essex and Suffolk Water Customer Care Manager) to say a huge thank you to those of you who were able to pop along and meet us in The Jolly Sailor on Monday. It was a great opportunity for our project team to meet the residents and I really enjoyed gaining some local knowledge of the area. As Adrian mentions we will keep you informed on progress on a weekly basis so watch this space ! You can use the 'Contact us' button at the top of this page and when you see members of the team around please come and say Hello, they will be only too happy to answer any questions you may have.   Amanda          

By Adrian Caswell

https://essexandsuffolkwater.blob.core.windows.net/projects/2/HeybridgeSeaLock-WorksInformationNoticeAugust17.pdf Good morning all, Thank you to all that attended the open event yesterday, some excellent feedback, which we endeavor to take on board for the project this winter. Currently we are due to arrive on site and set up as planned on the the 4th September 2017. During the project phase I will provide weekly updates covering progress, programme status (key milestones), upcoming works and constraints. Please do feel free to call me on the number below and I will be happy to provide clarifications as required. Please do register if you have not done so already, as you will receive notifications when updates are available to view. Best regards, Adrian Caswell Project Manager Asset Delivery Essex & Suffolk Water 07484547115            

By Dan Wilson

Work to construct the concrete base and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) kiosk has been completed site successfully. We have also installed the new MCC (Motor Control Centre) within the new kiosk that will control the new rotating band screen. We will shortly be taking delivery of the new eel screen onto site and installing this onto the river front. The work so far has been blessed with good weather that has enabled us to make good progress and keep the local roads clear of mud and debris, reducing our impact on residents and other stakeholders.  

By Dan Wilson

Work is well underway on site now and our contractors IWS have set up offices and storage cabins that will be on site for the duration of the work. We have also completed the excavation for the concrete slab on top of which will sit our green GRP kiosk housing the control panel for the new screen. Other work on site has included the excavation and duct laying for the new power cable between the access gate and the new kiosk. Unfortunately we have also had a break in on site. Thieves broke into our storage cabin and stole a small portable generator and a disc cutter. We have increased security on site and remain vigilant.

By Ryan Lloyd

Good morning all As you will have noticed over the past couple of weeks, we have been removing our site fencing and equipment with the re-opening of the lock. This Thursday 20th April, we shall be removing our site cabins. There will be some traffic movements throughout the day with some vehicle access restrictions at times. Please accept my apologies in advance for any disturbance caused. We shall endeavour to keep any disturbance to a minimum.   Best regards Ryan  

By Ryan Lloyd

Hi all We have some concrete deliveries to the site this week to complete our installation of the new sea gate rail beams and new sealing plates. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we are trying our best to minimise any disturbance. Our final delivery is planned for this Friday 17th March between 1pm and 3pm. Concrete delivery to the seaward end of the lock We also have a crane arriving to remove the sheet piled cofferdam at the boat basin end of the lock on the 23rd and 24th March which may require temporary road closures at certain times. More detailed information will be sent out closer to these dates. Sheet piled cofferdam Thank you   Ryan