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River Waveney (Shipmeadow, nr. Beccles)

The Eel Regulation Compliance project at the River Waveney in Shipmeadow is for installation of eel friendly screening equipment at our abstraction point on the river. The work is driven by the need for Essex & Suffolk Water to comply with the Eels Regulations (2009) and will improve the biodiversity value in the River Waveney.

Update by Nicola Wigington

Works are continuing this week at the river intake, installing handrailing on the existing concrete bridge over New Dyke to make it safer to cross and preparing for the piling works which are due to start in the week commencing 29th June. The piling will create a foundation to support the new control kiosk and there will be three piles installed. The work will be done during normal working hours and is expected to last a maximum of two days. There is likely to be some intermittent percussive noise while the piles are driven in (similar to the ground investigation borehole works that were done in January). Our installation team will aim to keep any disturbance to a minimum and the piling technique chosen for this job is 'bottom driven' which is a much quieter method than traditional top hammering techniques.

The photos attached to this update show the initial ground preparations that have been done for the kiosk installation.

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