Layer to Langford Pipeline

To ensure Essex & Suffolk Water (ESW) can continue to provide a reliable and resilient supply of water to its 1.5 million customers in Essex, it is looking to improve the raw water transfer capacity between its operating areas. To achieve this ESW are intending to construct a pipeline to transfer raw water from Layer-de-la-Haye Water Treatment Works to the existing storage reservoir at Langford Water Treatment Works.

Update by Daniel Wilson

Proposed raw water main route drawings - I wanted to share with visitors to the community portal the proposed route alignment for our new raw water main. The proposed route has been developed following extensive ecological surveys, engineering considerations and land owner engagement. We welcome your feedback on the route and any observations you may have. We will of course be happy to share the output of our surveys and investigations and many of these will support our forthcoming EIA Screening request to both Colchester Borough Council and Maldon District Council.  

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