Layer to Langford Pipeline

To ensure Essex & Suffolk Water (ESW) can continue to provide a reliable and resilient supply of water to its 1.5 million customers in Essex, it is looking to improve the raw water transfer capacity between its operating areas. To achieve this ESW are intending to construct a pipeline to transfer raw water from Layer-de-la-Haye Water Treatment Works to the existing storage reservoir at Langford Water Treatment Works.

Update by Daniel Wilson

Work started this week to strip the topsoil along the route of the Layer to Langford Pipeline in anticipation of the pipe deliveries being made to site later in February. The topsoil is stripped by large excavators and/or bulldozers which pile up the topsoil on one side of the working area. When we come to excavate the trenches within which the pipe will be laid, the subsoil will be kept seperate from the topsoil to ensure the land is reinstated in the way it was found. The work has started at the Layer Water Treatment Works end of the pipeline and will move south over the next few months towards the other end of the route at Langford Water Treatment Works.

Last week we also completed what is called a 'strategic connection' onto an existing water main. At this strategic connection we will install valves that will help us to divert water into the new pipeline. 

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