Smart Suffolk

We’re bringing smart water meters to Suffolk. These innovative meters will help us to protect our resources in areas of water scarcity whilst also helping you to monitor your own water usage through regular meter readings. This will lead to more accurate bills and can help you to save money. We’ll be working hard over the next two years to make these meters available in Suffolk and we will keep you fully up to date with what is happening and when.


Here are some questions asked by customers that you might find helpful.


Will my bills increase? 

Bills and payments will stay the same. The water meter won’t affect the way anyone is currently charged or how they pay their bill. 


Do I need to be at home?  

No one needs to be at home. As a courtesy, our engineer - will knock on the door to let customers know they are on-site and to answer any questions.    


How long does it take to fit the meter?  

When we fit the meter, water will be off for about 10 minutes. We need to switch off the water supply when we fit the meter, but we’ll have it back on as soon as possible.     


What if there’s a medical dependency for water?  

If there is a medical dependency on water, please make sure that all details are up to date, so we are fully aware. This way we can let you know before we visit your home. You can do this by calling priority services on 0345 782 0111.


What do I do if my water is brown?

Sometimes, when we turn water off, harmless deposits can come loose inside the pipes, changing the colour of your water. Run your cold tap in the kitchen for two or three minutes to clear it. Make sure your water is clear before using your hot water supply or appliances like your washing machine.


What do I do if my water is cloudy and white?

Cloudy or white water can happen if air gets into the supply when we fit the meter. This is normal and if you pour a glass of water, you’ll see the bubbles clear after a minute or two. Run your cold tap in the kitchen for around three minutes and that should help to clear it


You can find out more by visiting our FAQ page Smart water meter FAQS (