Smart Suffolk

We’re bringing smart water meters to Suffolk. These innovative meters will help us to protect our resources in areas of water scarcity whilst also helping you to monitor your own water usage through regular meter readings. This will lead to more accurate bills and can help you to save money. We’ll be working hard over the next two years to make these meters available in Suffolk and we will keep you fully up to date with what is happening and when.

Keeping the water flowing

Essex and Suffolk Water are committed to protecting our water supplies for generations to come. Investing in smart meters is one way that we can do that.

2022 was one of the driest summers on record, with temperatures passing 40 degrees for the first time ever, and 24% less rainfall than average. Although it may feel like 2023 has been a wet summer, drier summers are expected to become the new normal according to the Met Office. That’s why it’s important for us to preserve our water for future generations.

Smart meters help to combat this problem. They help you keep an eye on your water usage by taking regular readings throughout the day. You can then access this information through your Essex and Suffolk Water app or through the website. By being able to view this data, you can see when and how much water you are using.

Did you know that customers who have a water meter use up to 20% less water on average? This helps to keep water flowing for everyone.

We can also use smart meters to detect leaks on your property, sometimes leaks that you can’t even see. By detecting these leaks, we can prevent water wastage and costly property damage. By reducing wastage, we can help protect the environment and leave more water behind for everyone to enjoy!