Smart Suffolk

We’re bringing smart water meters to Suffolk. These innovative meters will help us to protect our resources in areas of water scarcity whilst also helping you to monitor your own water usage through regular meter readings. This will lead to more accurate bills and can help you to save money. We’ll be working hard over the next two years to make these meters available in Suffolk and we will keep you fully up to date with what is happening and when.

Smart campaign

Have you spotted our smart campaign yet? You may have seen them while browsing the web, on social media or when you're out and about. They feature our beautiful environment that we all care so much about. With our very own Lound Lakes and Water Voles. Smart meters are here to help keep water flowing for everyone in your community and we hope these help spread the message. So, join us in sharing how smart water meters help save water, our precious resource. 

Raido ads 

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