Water’s Worth Saving

We’re working with customers, community members and local charities across this area of Mid Suffolk to protect water resources for generations to come. This region is bounded by the River Waveney to the North, from its source at Redgrave in the West to Harleston in the East. It stretches as far South as Mendlesham Green and to Laxfield in the East.

Update by Harriet Morrison

Hi and thanks for visiting our community portal for our Water's Worth Saving initiative. My name is Harriet and I’m the Customer Engagement Advisor for Essex & Suffolk Water. I’ll be providing updates on behalf of the Water's Worth Saving team throughout the duration of the scheme so please remember to check back regularly to follow our progress.  

This area of Suffolk is our focus, due to challenges faced with supply and demand, whereby the combination of repeatedly warm, dry weather spells, more people holidaying in the area, and more people working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in an increase in the use of water.   

The amount of water available for us to treat in this area hasn’t increased, it has and will stay the same. We can’t take any more water away from the surrounding environment. That’s why it’s so important that we work together to reduce any water wastage and unnecessary use, to make sure our teams can keep up with the demand.  

We are excited to bring this opportunity to this area of Suffolk and can’t wait to dive right in and succeed with the local community. Our plan is to work together with local groups, schools, charities, and residents to protect local water resources. I’ll share more information here soon about our plans to attend community events and I’d love to see you there and have a chat. I’ll also be available to talk over Zoom or Teams on a regular basis, and we'll also be holding frequent digital discussion groups, the details of which will be posted in due course. 

Want to get involved and raise funds for your community? Play your part by: 

Reporting any leaks seen out and about via our leakage portal. 

Reduce the amount of water wasted throughout the day in your home/community. 

Repairing leaking toilets and be on the look out for leaking toilets.  

And don’t forget, if you haven’t got a water meter, having one fitted also allows you to become more aware of your usage, and the less you use, the less you pay. 

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