Water’s Worth Saving

We’re working with customers, community members and local charities across this area of Mid Suffolk to protect water resources for generations to come. This region is bounded by the River Waveney to the North, from its source at Redgrave in the West to Harleston in the East. It stretches as far South as Mendlesham Green and to Laxfield in the East.


Start date: August, 2021 

End date: August, 2022 

Growing families, that prize-winning garden, cleaning the car, brushing your teeth, exercising, thirst-quenching, the pandemic – we’re all using more and more water.  

On top of this, over the last ten years we’ve seen a significant change in our weather, with longer, drier spells causing even higher levels of water scarcity in the East of England - specifically in the area shown on the map above.  

We all need to change our habits to limit the damage this does to our local community and together we can make a difference. But to have a big impact, everybody needs to get involved. 

That’s why we’re working with you and your community in this area, to save water and protect this precious resource for generations to come. The more that you help us save, the more funding we’ll make available to support your community.