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Trinity Broads

Essex & Suffolk Water, in conjunction with our partners MWH, Natural England, the Environment Agency, the Broads Authority and Norfolk Wildlife Trust, will be mud pumping specific areas of the Trinity Broads during the winter of 2016/17.

Update by Craig Robertson

The mud pumping works have now demobilised from Filby Broad and are now active in Ormesby Broad. There are 3 areas of Ormesby Broad to be pumped in the coming weeks and the work currently being carried out is at the southern-most of these areas (shown by the solid red dot below). A long (1km) floating pipe is taking the sediment to its storage location in a field immediately north of Ormesby Broad. Once again, water users are kindly asked to stay clear of this pipe which is clearly visible thanks to the yellow floats along its length.

The works in Ormesby Broad will continue throughout March and into April after which the works will move to Lily Broad and to Ormesby Little Broad. Please watch out for more information on the timing of these remaining areas.


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